Madonna’s Halftime Show Delivers (Video)

At any age, this was a stunning performance–seamless, musical, danceable, visually memorable, and just a bit dangerous. In all, at 53 years old, Madonna’s Super Bowl XLVI Halftime show delivered.

While dancing in thigh-high, stiletto black boots, Madonna twirled, flipped, and danced numerous times up and down a set of bleachers, sang while moving around with Cee Lo Green on a tiny platform as they were raised and lowered ten feet or so in the air.

Meanwhile, dozens of dancers, choral members, singers, rappers, marching bands, and muscle men flowed on and off stage while the music, singing, and stunning, themed graphic light show played on.

She incorporated some of the great, popular talent of today into the show, keeping it current. Do you remember how controversial “Like a Prayer” was when it first came out in 1989? Last Sunday, Nicky Minaj rapped her butt off, but the controversy was left to MIA, who decided to upstage Madonna with a middle finger and an “s” word.

Madonna even reappeared, although she never seemed to be absent from the stage, sporting a clothing change for her last number, during which she reascended the stairs. She descended from view in one fell swoop through smoke and a shaft-of-light-filled chasm before singing the last word, “home,” followed by the final light show element, twinkling lights and the cursive graphic, “World Peace.”

It was good, Madonna, good. Seamless.


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