Warp and Weft

Losing dear ones,
you can’t believe they’re gone.
It’s just a dream,
a joke, you think,
you’ll wake
before too long.

So many feelings swirling ‘round:
what was or wasn’t said,
what could have been,
what never will,
the mem’ries in your head.

The dearest ones they left behind,
so numb,
yet wide awake.
Eternal plan,
what is it now?
From here,
it’s hard to take.

Do tell,
is there another way
to justify the pain
of promised futures
never met,
dew mists
unborn to rain?

If bigger pictures do exist,
why can’t we see from here:
the mystery behind the veil,
beyond the pale, the clear?

When someone has been good in life,
Their parting makes a split
In sacred cloth that holds us tight,
Together, warp and weft.

Together, we must make repairs,
so no one else falls through,
and use the care we feel in loss
to weave ourselves anew.

Each one of us, a single thread,
much stronger intertwined;
we pass them through and lace them in
the blanket of our mind.

—by Jan Mundo 1/14/06, 12/15/12, 1/12/13


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