Jan Mundo-2_pp - Version 3I’ve been an artist all my life and explored many forms. At each phase, I’m led deeply by bodily sensations that compel me to create, and I can do nothing but follow.

I learned harmony while singing along to 33 rpm recordings of Broadway musicals and in Mrs. Eisen’s grade school chorus. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t singing or listening to music. I started ballet at six, took up charcoal drawing at ten, acting and classical piano at eleven, folk guitar and poetry writing at thirteen. I progressed to rock and roll, mandalas, the meditative, healing, parenting, and transformative arts, and more recently, copy editing, writing, and photography.

The spirit of Mother Nature in all her manifestations has been my muse; add to that, New York City, architecture, and my family—as they manifest through reflection and light. It all is art—the deepest expression of the Self in sharing one’s unique identity and view of the world.

A hallmark of my personal journey was setting off early on my spiritual quest for meaning and purpose in life. A true child of the sixties, in 1971 I became a founding member and 15-year-resident of an intentional community in Summertown, TN, called The Farm. Now on third generation, although many of us have left the land, we are richly and deeply connected through births, deaths, and life passages. The 2013 documentary feature film American Commune, in which I’m featured, gives a glimpse into that time.

I’m a freelance copy and production editor, a proofreader, and a writer, who specializes in nonfiction, health and wellness, self-care, memoir, transformative and educational, as well as training and promotional materials. I also setup and design social media sites. My editorial and writing resume is here, and this site’s menu tabs contain links to my writing and other offers. I’m currently writing a body-mind, self-care book for headache sufferers.

Home to my portfolio, this blog is also a place to share interesting articles, stories, and goings-on about the arts, culture, and media. I hope you enjoy it and will chime in! Thanks for reading!