Help for Migraines: A Somatic Approach


I am honored that my article “Help for Migraines: A Somatic Approach” was featured in the March 2017 Annual Green Issue of Massage Magazine for bodywork professionals. In the piece, illustrated with some of my prevention techniques, I describe this disabling condition and demonstrate my special touch therapy approach. Sadly, touch therapies are often neglected in traditional migraine treatment.

Here’s an excerpt:

Migraines Imitate Life

Although our contemporary stressors and caffeinated culture play their roles, migraines are not thoroughly modern. Remedies date back to ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. With growing precision, due to recent imaging technologies, researchers have studied migraines for decades, and yet their exact neurobiological mechanisms remain a mystery.

The underlying causes, or triggers, however, are fairly identifiable using good detective work. In my experience, most people embody a combination of factors, often a veritable perfect storm that add ups to create cycles of pain.

From diet, lifestyle, environment and physical factors to medications and hormones, how we live can help or hurt us. This isn’t about blaming the victim; it’s about helping people live in ways that support their well-being.

Family history and cultural background are also part of the equation: How people were raised and learned to feel about, view and treat their bodies and themselves in sickness and in health can also factor into their headaches.

Do they push through pain and ignore it? 

Do they feel ashamed, weak, or guilty when they get sick? 

Do they take a pill to keep going, instead of resting or slowing down?

Do they only have bodily awareness when sick or in pain?

I hope you find the article helpful. If you are moved by it, please share and leave a comment on their website or here. Thank you!


Oh, the Irony!


Peace on Earth: Sorry, this item is currently out of stock.

Peace on Earth, Good Will to All. . . . Sorry, this item is currently out of stock. . . . Please notify me when this item is back in stock.

Oh, the irony! But is the glass half-empty or half-full? Peace on earth and good will are either no longer stocked or in very high demand!

If only it were so easy to order them—peace and goodwill, that is. It starts with our own hearts and forgiving others, asking forgiveness, and forgiving ourselves.

Great cards, though, from Paper Source.

July Sweater

A sweater today in New York July was odd, where it’s usually sticky and hot. It’s never put on but then carried home at midnight. Only insurance for a cold subway or cafe.

(Not to jinx August, but we’ve had one of the coolest-weather summers, so I wrote this on July 4th. Feels good, and we deserve it after such a brutal winter.)

by Jan Mundo