Editorial Services

Jan Mundo is a discerning copy editor, proofreader, writer, fact checker, and published author, with an ear for rhythm and voice. She specializes in nonfiction and is experienced with books, reading and language educational products, magazine articles, blogs, and training, marketing, and advertising copy.

She has worked at McGraw-Hill Education’s The Grow Network and Reading and Language Assessment (RLA) Group for middle school and first and second grade. She has completed projects for: Hieropub LLC, Hat Head Books, Word1, Pearson Education, Chelsea House, Bravo Network, and InFocus Realty/NYC. These included: books, post-secondary RLA products, marketing, and an online site. Jan is also part of the BiblioCrunch community of editors. Her editorial resume is here.

In the realm of social media, she offers setup, design, content creation, writing, and maintenance in WordPress.com, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Constant Contact, MailChimp, and Flckr.

In 2012 and 2013, her editorial and social media services expanded to include publicity, when she worked on the social media and fundraising campaigns for the documentary film, American Commune (Mundo Films, 2013.)

Jan’s writing, about her transformational work at the intersection of headaches | migraines, the body-mind connection, and somatic coaching and bodywork, is published in books, magazines, and online. To read her published work, visit here.

Jan is available for editing, writing, and social media projects and can be contacted here.