2012 — Hieropub, LLC — Freelance copy editor, Dean, Linda R., Road Map to Happiness: The Memoirs of Linda R. Dean. CA: estate of Linda R. Dean, 2012. Copy editor of book, style sheet, fact checker, synopsis writer for back cover jacket.

2012 — Hieropub, LLC — Freelance copy editor for Loeper, John J., Away We Go! On Bicycles in 1898. 1980. Revised edition, Pottstown: Hat Head, 2012. Copy editor of book, researcher for annotations, style sheet for book for ages 8-13 about the history of bicycles.

2012, 2009 — McGraw-Hill Education/The Grow Network – Copy editor, proofreader, and rewriter of educational products for middle school and grades 1 and 2, consisting of 200 reading and language lessons, including teachers editions; copy editor, The Grow Network’s house style manual: Writer’s and Editor’s Guide.

2011 — Chelsea House – Freelance proofreader for Prentzas, G.S., The Cuban Revolution. New York: Chelsea House, 2011. Final proofread of book, fact/language (English and Spanish) checker, style sheet for 2011 high school-level history book.

2011 — Pearson Education – Freelance proofreader, post-secondary education reading assessment products.

2010 — Bravo TV – Freelance designer of research/marketing PowerPoint presentations for Bravo television reality shows.

2009-2010 — InFocus Realty NYC – Freelance designer, writer, copy editor, administrator, photographer for boutique realty company’s blog, e-newsletter, and contact database.

2005-present — Freelance copy editor, writer, proofreader, blogger and designer — New York, NY. Personal/professional blogs: The Headache Coach, Jan Mundo, Reflection and LightYour Wedding Blog. Client blogs: Rena and Damon’s WeddingInFocus Realty NYC.


  • Massage Magazine, feature: “Hands on Therapy for Relief from Headaches.” April/May 2007
  • Keeping In Touch, US Association for Body Psychotherapy newsletter, feature: “From Pain to Passion with Feeling: The Challenge of Healing Headaches.” Winter 2006
  • Massage & Bodywork Magazine, feature: “Handling Headaches: A Specialist’s Self-care Program.” Jun/Jul 2004
  • Being Human at Work, Edited by Richard Strozzi-Heckler, PhD, North Atlantic Books. Author, Chapter 20, “Conquering Chronic Headaches.” Aug 2003
  • Cephalalgia, International Journal of Headache, abstract: “Cost-Effectiveness of a Prophylactic Migraine Program as Compared to Pharmacological Migraine Treatment.” Wilson, Mundo, et al. 2001
  • Lomi Somatics Forum, article: “Headaches as a Somatic Experience: Treating the Whole Person.” Oct 2000
  • Conscious Life, article: “Headaches and the Body-Mind Connection.” Dec 1997
  • Open Exchange Magazine, article: “Headaches Gone!” May 1994
  • Spiritual Midwifery, 1st-4th editions, Ina May Gaskin. Book Publishing Company. Contributing author, birthing stories. 1975-2002
  • The Farm Vegetarian Cookbook, Editor, Louise Hagler. Book Publishing Company. Contributing Editor. 1976
  • The Headache Coach—Out to Heal the World One Headache at a Time. WordPress blog for people with headaches and migraines, and people who care about them. 2009-ongoing
  • Mundo Lifework E-News. Quarterly newsletter with 500 subscribers. Produced with Constant Contact. 2007-ongoing
  • Publisher, writer, artistic director for professional website. 2004-ongoing
  • Online massage therapy expert, Blue Shield Insurance interactive alt med website. 2001


  • 1993-present — Mundo Lifework, New York, NY (2005-present) and Berkeley, CA (1993-2005) – Private practice, Somatic Coaching, bodywork, and headache-care – wellness training programs for clients and professionals, teleclasses, medical, public, and corporate workshops, courses, lectures, talks
  • 2013 — Mundo Films — Publicist for 2013 documentary film, American Commune
  • 2002-2004 — XOMA Ltd. biotech company, Emeryville, CA — Admin: for Ryals & Associates Employment Agency, Oakland, CA
  • 2001-2004 — Strozzi Institute, Petaluma, CA – Freelance: executive admin, copyediting, special projects
  • 2002 — Rosenberg & Associates, Oakland, CA – Freelance: project assistant for healthcare business management company
  • 1990-1991 — TWICE Magazine, Cahners/Reed Publishing, Los Angeles, CA – Western Regional Advertising Sales Manager, consumer electronics trade mag. Clients: Disney, Sony, MCA/Universal
  • 1989-1990 — Video Insider Magazine, Los Angeles, CA – West Coast Manager, Advertising Sales, national trade magazine, home video industry
  • 1989 — Edelman Public Relations, Los Angeles, CA – Long-term temp, worldwide PR firm Database setup/management, ad campaigns, DARE Day bill passage in Congress
  • 1986-1989 — Turner Broadcasting System, Los Angeles, CA – Advertising Sales Assistant for TBS/CNN. Clients included major ad agencies and corporations.
  • 1984 — WXRQ-FM, Columbia, TN – Advertising Sales Representative
  • 1983 — WDXE-FM, Lawrenceburg, TN – Radio host, music and local public affairs show
  • 1978-1983 — WUTZ-FM, Summertown, TN – Radio station co-manager, music director, show host

UC Berkeley, Undergraduate, English, Art
California State University, Northridge, Undergraduate, Theater Arts, English

Microsoft Word • MAC applications • • Facebook • LinkedIn • BlogTalkRadio • Constant Contact • MailChimp • Twitter


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